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Since 1995 protecting Intellectual Property Rights, integrating knowledge with innovation and agility.


We have a team working directly with the INPI for greater efficiency in the services provided.


Lemma & Santos is an Intellectual Property office that was created two decades ago by the partners when they decided it was time to apply their knowledge of many years working as managers and lawyers of intellectual property companies in their own businesses. They then got in touch with a group of lawyers they worked with and Lemma & Santos was born out of this partnership. They had everything they needed: knowledge, partners and international contacts.

After months of hard work and publicity to publicize the company, they got their first clients abroad and, from there, the company grew so much that it currently has clients in several countries covering the five continents, America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania.


The company's success is due to the fact that it has lawyers specialized in the area, engineers, designers, translators and consultants working together. In addition, they have employees trained in Industrial Property matters. To improve our knowledge, we also have a team of collaborators in Rio de Janeiro working directly with the INPI for greater efficiency of the services provided. The services entrusted to them can be performed in the office and, when necessary, at the clients' premises, by specialized technical consultants.

Lemma & Santos Ltda Marcas e Patentes


Agents outside Brazil

Integrated consultancy abroad

global consulting


We have a broad corporate and institutional structure appropriate to serve your business with our solutions in the area of intellectual property. Our partners, specialized law firms and consultancies have strategic points to solve your demand in Brazil and abroad.

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registro de marcas
Escritório Lemma & Santos
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Complete advice is given in the areas of industry, commerce, services and certification.

A – Search for previous trademarks in the INPI database;
B – Analysis of the corporate purpose of the company for the purpose of full protection, according to the classification of products and services established by the INPI;
C – Preparation of the filing and follow-up until its conclusion;

Surveillance in relation to third-party applications that may interfere with our customers' interests;

Oppositions, manifestations, appeals, nullities, expiry;

Assignments and transfers and license agreements.


Specific searches or searches by patent subject in the INPI documentation center;

Preparation and filing of applications for patents for inventions, utility models and industrial design registration – monitoring until the completion of the process;

Surveillance in relation to third-party applications that may interfere with our customers' interests;

Fulfillment of demands, oppositions, manifestations, appeals, patent cancellations;

Assignments and transfers of rights over patents and license agreements.


Preparation and submission of copyright registration requests before the competent public bodies;

Consultancy and advice related to copyright protection, assignment, transfer and licensing.


Consultancy and assistance in negotiations related to the acquisition or sale of technology;

Technology supply analysis and preparation; technical-industrial cooperation; and contracts for specialized technical services;

Applications for registration of agreements with the INPI.


Preparation and sending of extrajudicial notices for the purpose of interrupting the use, by third parties, of trademarks, patents or trade names that may violate the rights of our customers;

Consultancy, advice and processing of legal measures, in the civil, criminal and federal spheres, in the defense of clients in the intellectual and industrial areas.




Main rights protected by Brazilian law:

BRAND -  visually perceptible distinctive signs that are not covered by legal prohibitions are susceptible to registration as a trademark.

ADVERTISING SIGN OR EXPRESSION -  are oriented to recommend activities, improve the quality of products and attract the attention of consumers.

COMMERCIAL OR CORPORATE NAME -  is the full name by which the Legal Entity presents itself for the exercise of its activities.

INVENTION PATENT -  An invention that satisfies the requirements of novelty, inventive step and industrial application may be patented.

UTILITY MODEL -  the object of practical use, or part of it, susceptible of industrial application, presenting a new form or disposition, involving an inventive act, resulting in functional improvement or in its use or in its manufacture can be patented as a utility model.

INDUSTRIAL DRAW -  the ornamental plastic form of an object or ornamental set of lines and colors that can be applied to a product, providing a new and original visual result in its external configuration and that can function as a type of industrial manufacture.

INDUSTRIAL SECRET -  means all information of industrial or commercial application, obtained by an individual or legal entity in a confidential manner. The breach of such secrecy, with the purpose of direct or indirect economic advantage, is a crime.

CULTIVATION -  variety of plants.

COPYRIGHT -  the existence of an act of creation is the basic requirement of copyright.

DOMAIN NAME -  is the name used to connect to the Internet.

BIOSECURITY -  establishes rules for the use of genetic engineering techniques and the release into the environment of genetically modified organisms.

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